Classes: Creating Widget Based Homepages (Most Common)


This article shows how to create a widget based homepage.


  1. Click the Homepage Actions Menu, then Manage Homepages
    homepage action menu
  2. If you cannot locate that menu from previous step, click Course Tools, Course Admin then Homepages
  3. Click Create Homepage
    create homepage
  4. Type the Name the new Homepage and enter a description if desired
    name page
  5. Select Widget-Based in the Type dropdown box
    type dropdown
  6. Customize the course name that is displayed in the banner of the homepage
    customize course name
  7. Stay with the Basic Layout, or click Change Layout to choose from the available options
    change layout
  8. Click Add Widgets in each column of your chosen layout
    add widgets
  9. Click the checkbox next to the desired widgets and click Add
    add checkbox
  10. Drop and drag the widgets around to reorder them
  11. To customize the widget, click inside that widget’s box
    customize widgets
  12. You can choose to:
    • Turn off the widget title
    • Prohibit students from minimizing the widget
    • Change the widget name
      change widget name
  13. Click Save
  14. When you are done creating the homepage, click Save and Close
    save and close
  15. You will be brought back to the previous page.  To change the active homepage, click the dropdown box under the Active Homepage heading.  Choose which of the existing homepages you would like to make the active homepage.  Click Apply.


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