Classes: Create a Grade Column


This article will teach you how to create a grade column


  1. Navigate to the Course that you’d like to add the category to
  2. Click Achievement and then select Grades
  3. Verify that you are on the Manage Grades page
    manage grades
  4. Click the New button and select Item
  5. Select Numeric from the list of options
  6. Enter name of grade item in Name field
  7. If the item belongs in a category and the category has been created, select the category to which the item belongs. Grade items do not have to be in a category
  8. Enter the maximum points a student can earn for this grade item in the Maximum Points box. If you are using a weighted grade book you may need to put a weight in the Weight box. (If the item is in a category and the category is set up to handle the weights, then a weight will be automatically entered and will not be editable.)
    grading points
  9. Click Save and Close


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