Classes: Copy Content between Classes Courses


To copy content from one Classes course to another, follow the below steps:

Note: Click the link to review the Copying Content between Classes Courses video.


  1. Log in to
  2. Go into your destination course (the course where you want to copy content into)
  3. Click the Content tab in the blue navbar.
  4. Click Table of Contents.
    table of content
  5. Click Import Course
  6. Click Copy Existing Course
    copy existing course
  7. Click Search for offering
    search for offering
  8. Enter the course title or CRN in the search field and click the spyglass.
  9. Click the radio dial next to the course that want to copy contents from and click Add Selected.
    add selected
  10. Click Copy All Components to copy the entire course, or Select Components to copy only selected items.
    Copy all components
  11. A message will appear to indicate that the copy is in progress.
  12. The status will update to completed when the process is complete.
    green check
  13. Click View Content to view the course content, or Review and Manage Dates to quickly edit course dates, such as due dates or availability dates.
    View Content


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