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For quick reference, below are Frequently Asked Questions for Instructor. Please select your topic below.


How can I access the new learning management system (LMS), Classes?

You can access the new LMS by going to and entering your Pace University username and password.

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What browsers are supported by Classes?

Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Edge are supported. Internet Explorer is NOT supported.

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When will I be required to use Classes?

Beginning with the January intersession, which starts on Saturday, January 2nd, 2021. Fall 2020 courses will be taught in Blackboard except the instructors that are in the Fall 2020 Classes Early Adopter pilot.

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How will students be notified of the switch?

Notices will be disseminated via Blackboard, Pace Newsletters and throughout the Pace community.

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What is the difference between D2L, Brightspace, Classes and Daylight?

Desire to Learn (D2L) is the name of the company. Brightspace is the name of the Learning Management System. is the URL for Pace's instance of Brightspace. Daylight is the theme, the look and feel of the LMS.

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When will the Fall, 2020 Blackboard courses be migrated to Classes?

On December 10th, the process of copying Fall, 2020 courses will begin and then they will be transferred to Classes. It is hoped that this process will be complete prior to the holiday break.

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I don't see my Spring, 2021 courses that I am teaching. Where are they?

In most case, you are not seeing your course because...

  • You need to select the Spring 2021 semester in the list of courses.
  • You are not the official instructor of the course in Banner. (Check the Pace Portal).
  • Your course has a start date that is later than 90 days after today.  Courses become available to instructors 90 days prior to the official start date.

If you still feel that you should be able to see your course, then please send a note to and include the CRN.

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When are courses made available to me and my students?

  • Faculty gain access to a course 90 days prior to the official start date.
  • Student enrollments are fed to the system 30 days prior to the official start date, however, even though faculty can see the students in the course (Classlist), students do not automatically have access to the course at this time.
  • Students automatically gain access to a course on the official start date unless the instructor decided to make the course available within 30 days of the official start date.

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When do students have access to their courses?

Students get access to a course on the official start date unless an instructor has made the course available earlier.

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How can I make my course available to students before the official start date?

You make your course available to students up to 30 days before the official start date by doing the following:

  • Log in to Classes and navigate to the course.
  • On the blue Nav bar, click Course Tools > Course Admin > Course Offering Information.
  • Scroll down to the Start Date area and enter the desired start date.
  • Click Save.

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Why is “converted-” in my class title?

This is a course that was converted from Blackboard. It is an old course. You will not use this course as a real, teaching shell, but you can import content from it into a future course shell. To learn how to copy components from one Classes course to another, please review the Copy Components tutorial.

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How can I move Blackboard content to into my Brightspace "Classes" course?

We’ve made a video tutorial for you to review: Tutorial on How to Move Blackboard content into Brightspace (Classes)

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I don’t see my organization/community in Classes.

Please send a note to with the community name.

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How do I see my class photo roster?

  • Go into your course and click on Course Tools.
  • Click Qwickly Attendance.
  • Click begin setup
  • If you plan on using Qwickly, set up your settings appropriately and press save.
  • If you aren’t planning on using Qwickly to take attendance, scroll down and press save.
  • Click Take Attendance and scroll down to see the photos.

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How do I e-mail my students before the class starts?

Up to 30 days prior to course official start date, you can e-mail your students by

  • Going to the course Classlist tool and selecting the E-Mail Classlist Button
  • You can compose an e-mail to

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How do I add a TA to my course?

  •  Go to the Classlist.
  •  Click Add Participants and then Add Existing User.
  •  Enter the username or name of the individual and click the spyglass.
  •  Scroll down to select the checkbox next to the user
  •  Scroll to the right to change the role to TA and choose the course name from the dropdown list
  • Click Enroll Selected Users.

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Where is the content I had in my Blackboard Course folders?

Content is organized in the Content section of the course. Folders are now Modules and Sub-Modules
You can add modules and sub-modules as needed, rearrange and rename files as well as add additional content.
For instructions, please visit the Classes Resources page and scroll down to the Classes Quick Start section.

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When will I lose access to Blackboard?

You will lose access starting August 1, 2021

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Who do I contact for questions about Zoom and Panopto?

Educational Media at

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Who do I contact for questions about Kaltura?

Academic Technology at

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