Brightspace/Classes: Create a Course Module


This articles shows the steps to create a Course and Sub Module in Classes.

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Course Modules

  1. Go to the Content tab in your course.
  2. To add a course module (folder), click Add a module in the lower left side of the course table of contents.
  3. Name the module and press enter or click outside of the text box.
  4. You will get a success message at the bottom center of your screen.
    Added Successfully


Modules can be nested up to three levels.  (see example below)

  1. To add a sub-module, click the Add a sub-module box at the end of the module a label it.
    Add a Sub Module
  2. Add content to it by dragging and dropping documents or clicking the upload/create button.

Note: If you click Add a sub-module while you are in the bottom level, level 3, if creates another level 3 module.


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