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Information regarding Classes Learning Resources can also be found by visiting the Classes Resource page.

  • Review past online trainings from Academic Technology via the ITS Events page.
  • Go to LinkedInLearning and enter your Pace credentials. Search for "Learning Brightspace by D2L".
  • Use the Brightspace Community site: Create an account by using your Pace email address and a separate, new password specific to this site. There are lots of videos for which you can search. Additionally, you can ask the community a question. This will ensure that you gain access to learning content for Pace. After you successfully join the community, click the Learning Center link at the top-center menu bar. Start watching the videos in the Getting Started with Brightspace playlist. For information on joining the Brightspace Community please review the How to Join the Brightspace Community and Access the Subscription Training tutorial
  • Instructors can review the Getting Started with Brightspace manual.
  • Learners can review the Navigate Brightspace Learning Environment for Learners series on Youtube
  • For the schedule of Classes training hosted by Academic Technology please review the ITS events page which will be updated frequently.
  • Feel free to subscribe to the Classes listserv to stay updated with information regarding the Classes LMS.
    • To join send an email with the following specifications:
      • In the To field:
      • Subject: Leave blank
      • Message Content: subscribe classeslms-l yourFirstName yourLastName eg. subscribe classeslms-l
    • Press Send. You will then receive a confirmation email, please click the link to confirm your subscription to the Classes listserv.



Getting Started with Classes for Instructors

Getting Started with Classes for Students

Communication Tools

Assessment Tools

Grading and Providing Feedback


  • Users  can click the Help tab in the blue Nav Bar located throughout Classes. This gives them access to video tutorials, text instructions, and Brightspace community access. Click Help on the blue NavBar and then select Need help? Click here! at the bottom of the drop-down menu to access direct company support for Classes.
  • To submit a Support Request Form via email, or to call support (1.877.325.7778), click Contact Support. For Live Chat Support, on the bottom right of the screen, click the Chat with Support button.
  • For any other questions please email Academic Technology at


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