What should I do if selected for Verification?

All students selected for verification must submit the appropriate documentation to the Office of Financial Aid. Please submit all documents directly to us via Document Submission Form or through your MyPace portal. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • A verification worksheet
  • IRS Data Retrieval Tool or Tax Return Transcripts.
  • Any applicable tax schedules (i.e., 1-3, C, F, or Schedule K-1 Form 1065) for student/parent or student/spouse.
  • All student/spouse W-2 form(s) or 1099-MISC form(s) for total wage income.
  • All parent W-2 form(s) or 1099-MISC form(s) for total income.
  • Parent verification of non-tax filing if parents did not file taxes. Visit IRS.gov.
  • Income to Expense worksheet if earnings do not meet the poverty level.
  • Verification of Student Identity & Statement of Educational Purpose.


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Tue 3/22/22 11:56 AM
Tue 3/22/22 11:56 AM