Access Control/ Pace ID Card Access

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In order to maintain a safe campus environment please report a stolen or lost Pace ID immediately to a Pace Security office or Pace ID office.

For issues related to card access in facilities, academic buildings, or residence halls, please contact the Office of Safety and Security on the appropriate campus.


Office of Safety and Security New York City
Phone: (212) 346-1800

Office of Safety and Security Westchester
Phone: (914) 773-3400

If you need a new card, please visit a Pace ID office.

Haub Law ID Office
Aloysia Hall
Phone: (914) 422-4215

New York City ID Office
161 William Street, Main Lobby
Phone: (212) 346-1015

Pleasantville ID Office
Paton House
Phone: (914) 773-3830


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