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The Pace University Policies Library has been migrated to a new and more secure storage location on SharePoint Online (Office 365). This document provides instructions for faculty, staff, and students on how to navigate the new Policies Library site.

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Sign in to Policy Library

  1. Open your browser and navigate to https://www.pace.edu/policies
  2. Type your MyPace Portal Email Address (e.g., username@pace.edu) and click Next
    sign in
    • Note: To sign on to the Policy site on SharePoint, you must type in your Pace email address, not just your username.
  3. Verify your MyPace Portal Email Address displays in the Username box
  4. Type your MyPace Portal Password in the Password box and click Sign-In
    pace sign in
  5. At the Stay signed in prompt, click Yes
  6. Confirm the Pace University Policy Library homepage is displayed

Sign out of the Pace University Policy Library

  1. Click My accounts icon icon in upper-right hand corner
  2. Click Sign out

The message You're signed out of Office 365 displays.

Searching for Policies in Policy Library

There are two ways to search for policies in the Policy Library:

Using the Search This Site Box:

  1. Click in Search this Site box search  at top-left of screen
  2. Type search keyword into search box, and click search icon
  3. Choose from the list of options displayed

Note: SharePoint searches the document libraries and will display a filtered view of the library content based on your keyword.

Searching the Policy Library Menu:

The left navigation pane is the repository of all policies where you can browse by category for academic schools, administrative areas, etc..

  1. Select a category from the left navigation menu
  2. Right-Hand pane displays polices for your selected category or sub-categories

Viewing Polices in Policy Library

To open a policy:

  1. Select category from left navigation menu
  2. On the right-hand pane, click a policy from the list


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