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For quick reference, we’ve provided a list of answers to our Frequently Asked Questions for Adobe Sign. Please select your topic below.


How do I obtain an Adobe Sign account?

Adobe Sign services is only available for Faculty and Staff. Only users creating (or Originating) documents that need electronic signatures will need access. Signers do not require access to this system in order to sign documents.

To request an account, Pace administrators (faculty and staff) must send an email to their department or school group admin (if one is assigned), visit Group Admin Contact Information.  For individual accounts, please go online to place a help desk ticket ( In some cases, the request will need to be reviewed and approved by the requester’s supervisor.


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How do I activate my Adobe Sign account?

For instructions on account activation, visit the Activate Your Adobe Sign Account page.

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How do I log in/ sign out my Adobe Sign account?

  • Users can login at Pace's Adobe Sign page ( To sign out, follow the steps below:
  • Hover over your name in the upper right hand corner of page
  • Click Sign out

To complete the sign out in Adobe Sign, you must close your browser (all open tabs).

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Which browsers support Adobe Sign services?

Below is a list of supported browsers:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 using Microsoft Edge or a current version of Firefox, or Chrome
  • Microsoft Windows 8 using a current version of Firefox, or Chrome
  • Mac OS X v11 or later using Safari 7 or later, or a current version of Firefox, or Chrome

Note: If you are using the Edge browser, please ensure you are running the latest version of Adobe Reader.

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How do I manage and track the status of a document sent for e-signature?

Once an agreement has been sent, senders can get information related to the transaction. Please refer to Adobe’s Manage agreements and get transaction-specific information article. 

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How do you know who signed a document?

eSign electronic signatures are sent directly to the email address of the signer you specify at the time the agreement is configured. There is an audit trail that details the events related to the signing of the document. As the sender, you can log into your eSign account and view the record of signers on the Manage tab.

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How do I send documents to multiple parties that need to sign?

Sending a document for signature is the basic work flow used in Adobe Sign. Please refer to Adobe’s Get others to sign a document article.

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Does the person I’ve asked to sign a document need an account?

No, the person who is signing a document does not need to have an eSign account. The signer will receive an email containing a link to the document .

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Can I view the history of a transaction?

Once a transaction is sent, you can see who performed what action and when in the agreement history.  Please refer to  Adobe’s Access the agreement activity (history) and audit reports article.

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How do I use a library template to send an agreement?

A Library Template is a reusable template of fields that have been placed. They are either saved as a Form Field Template, or a Library Document. Please refer to  Adobe’s Create and manage document templates article.

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How do I add and apply my signature in Adobe Sign?

Adobe Sign allows for several different methods of how you would like your signature to appear when it is applied to a document. Please refer to Adobe’s Set up and manage your signature article.

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Can I edit a document uploaded to the Adobe Sign library?

eSign senders can edit a document instead of canceling it and starting over. The Modify Agreement feature can only be used on documents that meet the “modifiable” criteria. If a document is modifiable, a Modify Agreement link displays on the Manage page when the document is selected. Please refer to  Adobe’s Modify a sent agreement's documents or fields article.

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What if I need to sign an agreement as well?

When sending a document for multiple signatures, you will enter the email addresses of the signers in the order you want people to sign the document. There is an "Add Me" option located under Recipients* on the Send page.


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What is Mega Sign?

The Mega Sign feature was rebranded to "Send in Bulk".  A CSV file is used to import your recipients' email addresses and merge custom data into fields on the document for each recipient. You can also customize the message in the email sent to each signer requesting that they sign the document. Please refer to Send agreements in bulk with Send in Bulk article.

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Where can I find more information on Adobe Sign features?

To learn more about esign services and functionality, navigate to our Adobe Sign page at  Below are helpful resources from Adobe.

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