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In 2015, LinkedIn acquired and subsequently began working with existing clients to migrate their accounts and content into its own LinkedIn Learning platform. In late August 2019, all accounts and content for Pace University members were automatically migrated over to the new LinkedIn Learning platform. The new service will deliver the same content through an enhanced new learning experience from the LinkedIn network, and clients will continue to experience the same high-quality content to which they have become accustomed.

Note:  If you had any pre-existing learning history saved in your account, you must log in to LinkedIn Learning by March of 2020 to keep that content. Otherwise, all saved history will be lost. If your content was migrated, you can log in by visiting (MyPace Portal username and password required). After logging in, at the top, click the Me dropdown and then review any migrated content saved under the My Learning section.


Accessing Pace University LinkedIn Learning Account

  1. Go to
  2. Click Log In
    Log In
  3. Enter your MyPace username and password and click LOGIN

Logging in for the First Time

The first-time you log in to LinkedIn Learning, you may get prompted to connect your LinkedIn profile to you LinkedIn Learning account. It is not necessary to connect these 2 accounts.

Note: LinkedIn Learning is a separate service available from LinkedIn and whether or not you have an existing LinkedIn account does not affect access to your LinkedIn Learning content. Therefore, you do not have to associate your LinkedIn account with your LinkedIn Learning account in order to retain your content.

  1. If prompted, continue through selecting content topics and weekly goals
  2. Select Not now when prompted to connect your LinkedIn account
    Connect LinkIn Account
  3. You will be directed to the LinkedIn Learning Welcome page.


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