PACE-WIFI: Connecting to WiFi


The following are instructions for students, faculty, and staff to connect to the PACE-WIFI


  • Student residents can connect a media or streaming device by registering to the PACE-GUEST network
  • Pace guests who need wireless access must visit the PACE-GUEST network page


  1. Open your device’s wireless setup page and connect to PACE-WIFI
  2. Type your MyPace Portal Username and Password in the fields provided
  3. Depending on the device, click Trust, Accept, or Connect to add the certificate and join
    • Note: You are only prompted to accept a certificate the first time you connect.

Chromebooks and other devices may require additional steps

  • Select PEAP in the EAP method box
  • Select MSCHAPV2 in the Phase 2 Authentication box
  • Select Unspecified or Don't validate in the CA Certification box
  • Enter the Pace username (e.g. jd12345n) in the Identity box
    • Note: If you are not able to authenticate, please try using pace\username (e.g. pace\jd12345n) or (e.g.
  • Enter your MyPace password in the Password box
  • Leave Anonymous Identity box blank


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