Does my parent have to apply for the Parent PLUS loan?

The Federal Government places strict limits on the maximum amount of Federal loan aid that can be offered to students per year. 

For Dependent students, required to include their parent information on their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the remaining Federal Aid eligibility is offered to the parents of dependent students in the form of a Federal Parent PLUS loan. 

Should you choose to accept the loan, your parent will need to submit an additional application, however, it is not required that you accept the Parent PLUS Loan option.  It is only offered by the Department of Education to assist with paying the remaining cost of attendance, once gift aid (scholarships and grants) are deducted.  For alternative payment options you can visit our Alternative Financing webpage for additional resources. 


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Tue 1/25/22 9:50 PM
Tue 1/25/22 9:50 PM