How do I change my housing status with Financial Aid?

Step 1: Visit the Forms and Applications page of the Financial Aid Website

Step 2: Complete the Package Adjustment Request Form for the applicable aid year.

How does my financial aid change if my housing status changes?

If you no longer dorm at Pace University you will be repackaged as a commuter student.  As a result, your overall Cost of Attendance budget will be reduced to exclude on-campus housing charges. 

Alternatively, if you switch from a commuter student to an on-campus resident student, your overall Cost of Attendance budget will be increased to include on-campus housing charges.

Your Merit Scholarship does not change, regardless of your housing status.

What if I am living in an off-campus apartment?

If you submit an approved housing lease with your name on it, with a start and end date, signed by all tenants and the landlord/management, it will be reviewed by a Financial Aid Counselor to allow you or your parent to apply for additional PLUS or alternative loan funds to assist in paying your off-campus rent.  Lease submissions must be submitted via the Document Submission Form.

Important information before you submit your lease agreement! 
In order for your lease agreement to be reviewed your lease must:

  • include your name (the student) listed as a tenant,
  • include start and end lease dates that umbrella at least one full semester,
  • be signed by all tenants and the owner/landlord/management company.

It is not required that you submit lease riders.


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