What is attendance verification?

Effective Fall 2021, Faculty will report if a student never attends in our learning management system (Classes). A student who never attends a class will be flagged for non-attendance by faulty within an assigned reporting period. Students are strongly encouraged to contact their instructor by the start of classes if they will be not be attending the first class/s in the semester or will be missing any classes during the semester.


A Student flagged for non-attendance, will be dropped from their class. Any changes to the enrollment status may effect student financial aid eligibility and can result in some/all return of federal and institutional aid. The reduced enrollment will be reported to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) and this may trigger repayment on a borrower’s federal direct loans if enrollment is less than half-time.


It is important to note that for an online class logging into the class is not a sufficient indication of attendance, active participation is required. Examples of active participation are: discussion boards, submitting or completing an assignment, quizzes, exams or communicating with the instructor (if determined by the instructor as sufficient to validate participation).


If you feel there is an error in faculty reporting, you may speak with your instructor. If your instructor confirms there was an error, you and your instructor must complete the Registrar’s Enrollment Verification Correction form. Financial Aid will be notified of any enrollment corrections and will reinstate your financial aid.


Please visit Enrollment Verification webpage additional for details.


Attendance Verification

Pace University must abide by the US Department of Education guidelines to verify the attendance (including participation for online courses) of students in each class for which they are enrolled. Starting during the Fall 2021 semester, we are implementing this federal requirement for all students in all classes. The Office of Financial Aid can provide more information about attendance verification and how it could affect you.



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