15 BK: Zoom Video Conference


This article will instruct how to use the teachers podium and configure Zoom for 15 Beekman Street


  1. On the Touch Panel located at the Podium, select Video Conference
    touch panel
  2. Please wait while the system is configured.
    System loadong
  3. Now that the system has configured and booted on, select Lectern Laptop as the presentation source.
  4. Then select Zoom app in the lower bottom left of the page to flip to zoom interface.
    Seminar RM 809
  5. Press share Content , Dedicated PC will display on TVs in the room.
    Share content
    • Note: If Starting a schedule Zoom meeting . Press Join from the Touch panel then Enter your Zoom Meeting ID. Press Join on the screen, a pop-up window will appear. Enter Meeting Passcode and Press OK.
  6. Press Stop Sharing if you don’t want the content from the Dedicated PC to be displayed on the TV monitors.
    stop sharing
  7. To switch the Touch Panel's user interface to the Main control page, tap the center of the touchscreen. A Home button will appear. Tap on the Home button to navigate back to the control page.
    control page
  8. Once on the control page you will have the option to adjust or mute the volume in the room. When using zoom you can mute or unmute the Microphone by selecting the Microphone Icon
    microphone icon
  9. When you are finished with class, you may shut down the system by selecting the power icon in the bottom left of the screen.
  10. Then select the green check option
    green check
  11. A message will display the system is powering down


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