NeatBar Instructions


This article will demonstrate how to use the NeatBar system to share device screens and starting scheduled meetings. 


To Display Dedicated PC in Room

  1. Select Share Content from the menu. Dedicated PC will display on the TV monitor.
    NeatBar Display

How To Share Laptop

  1. Press Share Content from the menu on the neat Tablet and a pop-up with sharing key will appear.
  2. Sign into the Zoom app with SSO using your Pace Username and Password on your laptop.
  3. Select Share Screen on Zoom app on your Laptop, a Share screen pop-up will appear.
  4. Enter the Sharing key and press Share. (Your Laptop should now display on the TV monitor).

Starting a Scheduled Meeting

  1.     Press Join on the menu of the Neat Tablet
  2.     Enter your Zoom Meeting ID
  3.     Press Join on the Screen, a pop-up window will appear.
  4. Enter the Meeting Passcode and press OK.

Note: To share Dedicated PC in a zoom meeting. Press Share content, a share screen pop-up will appear, under Use HDMI option Press share to meeting.This will Share Pc into the Zoom meeting.


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