Office 365: Word Online


Word Online is a component of the University’s Office 365 subscription available to all students, faculty and staff. It is a cloud-based word processing platform that can be accessed from your web browser.

Note: Word online offers basic word edits and limitations on formatting. For download instructions for the full version of Word, refer to the following Office 365 ProPlus article.

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Accessing Word via Web Browser 

  1. Go to

  2. Type your Pace email address and click Next
    sign in

  3. Type your Pace password and click Sign in
    Type password

  4. Click Word at the left middle of the screen

  5. Click New blank document or any of the templates listed
    New blank document

  6. Compose Word document and click on Document near the top left of the screen to confirm the document is Saved
    click to check if saved

    • Note: The check mark indicates the Word documents was saved. All documents are automatically saved to your Office 365 OneDrive folder.

Naming Word Document 

  1. Open new blank document or existing document
    click to change document name
  2. Click Document name on top of screen
    file name
  3. Check save status to make sure the document is Saved
    Saved Status

Share Word Document 

  1. Open Word Document
  2. Click Share on top right of the screen 
  3. Click Share
  4. Type the name, group, or email of who you would like to share
    Send link
  5. Click the box to the right and select from the drop down list if you would like to allow editing
    allow editing
  6. Click the settings wheel next to the three dots to toggle the Block download switch between on and off
    block download
    • Note: When Block download is switched on, the file being shared can not be downloaded. Allow editing has to be unchecked to have this options available.
  7. Click Apply 
  8. Type an optional message underneath the name, group, or email box
    add a message
  9. Click Send


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