Exchange Online: Shared Departmental Mailbox via a Browser


Only accounts that you have been granted full access to by Exchange administrators (i.e.; ITS) can be opened. This method cannot be used to open mailboxes that you have been given access to by other users.


Opening a Shared Departmental Mailbox via a Browser

  1. Go to Exchange Online (
  2. Enter your full Pace email address in the Sign in field and click Next
    Sign In
  3. Enter your Pace password into the Password field and click Sign in
    Enter Password
  4. Type in the 6-digit passcode generated from the Duo Mobile app or hardware token and click Verify
    Duo Passcode
  5. Click on the Profile icon at the top right
    Profile Icon
  6. Select Open another mailbox
    Open another mailbox
  7. Type the departmental email address or mailbox name and click Open
    Mailbox Name
  8. If prompted, click the link provided and authenticate with your Pace credentials 
  9. The departmental mailbox will be available on your left-hand sidebar
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