Cisco Phone: Jabber


The Cisco Jabber client delivers instant messaging, voice and video calls, voice messaging, desktop sharing, conferencing, and presence for Pace faculty and staff. Importantly, it runs on Windows or Macs giving you several communication services through one interface.

  • Chat – chat with your coworkers
  • Phone – audio and video
  • Presence – see the presence of your coworkers
  • Voice Mail – view your voice mail messages like on your smartphone

Note: The Jabber client is already available on your Window's office computer. Please note, Jabber cannot automatically be deployed to Mac office computers, but you can submit a Help Desk ticket if you wish to have the application installed on your machine. A Help Desk ticket request can be placed for the Jabber client by faculty and staff employee.

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Signing on to Jabber Desktop Client

  1. Double-Click Cisco Jabber icon on the desktop
    Cisco logo
    • Note: If you are unable to find the Cisco Jabber client on your office computer via an icon on the desktop or via the Start button/All Programs menu, please place a Help Desk ticket. Please log in to and place a ticket and a technician will contact you to complete the installation.
  2. Log in with your Pace Username and Password

Looking up Contact’s Number and Making a Call

  1. Hover over docked window at the top middle of the screen

    docked window

  2. Click in Search or call box

    search or call box

  3. Type name of contact to call

  4. Hover over the contact and click Call icon

Receiving Calls

  1. Jabber must be running
  2. Incoming calls will cause a notification window appear on screen. Answer or Decline the call from the notification window.

    Note: Jabber controls the desk phone. Although the PC can be used to answer a call, the path is through the desk phone and not the PC.

Placing Calls on Hold

  1. While a call is in progress click the More button
  2. Select Hold from the popup menu
    placing calls on hold

Transfer a Call

  1. Click More on the call window toolbar
  2. Select Transfer
  3. Enter a phone number, extension or name in the dial box
  4.  Click the Call button
  5. Hover over the contact shown and click Call button
  6. If shown, select the phone number from the list
  7. Click the Transfer button

Call Forwarding

  1. In the main Jabber window, click the computer icon at lower left.
  2. Select Forward calls to from the popup menu and select phone number from the list
  3. To add a new number, select New Number... and enter a phone number. Use the same calling format as used when calling from other campus phones
    forward calls

Create a Conference Call

  1. Place a call
  2. While a call is in progress click the More button
  3. Select Hold from the popup menu
  4. Place another call from the main Jabber window
  5. After the 2nd call is answered, click the More button
  6. Select Merge from the popup menu
  7. Select the appropriate name or number to merge with the existing call
    • Note: Any conference participants using Jabber can add callers to the conference by following the same steps.

Check Voicemail

  1. Click the Voicemail icon in the docked window
  2. Click Voicemail in the main Jabber window
    Check voicemail
  3. Select All for the View and Type drop-down menus
    • Note: To view deleted voicemails,
      • Select Deleted from the Type drop-down menu
      • Click the play button next to a voicemail message. Audio will play through the Jabber audio device.

Jabber Interface Overview
jabber interface

1 – User Status   6 – Recent Calls
2 – Menu           7 – Meetings
3 – Search Bar    8 – Voice Messages
4 – Contacts       9 – Phone Control
5 – Recent Chats 


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