Classes: How to Access and Navigate Through Course Content


This article will instruct how to access and navigate through course content.


1. Press Content in the blue banner of your Brightspace/CLASSES homepage



2. On the top left of the Content overview, you will see three sections

           1) In the Syllabus section, you can view the syllabus and access important dates on it posted by the instructor.

               If it's blank, the instructor most likely has not uploaded the document.

           2) Topics you bookmark appear in a list on the Bookmarks page. The number beside the Bookmarks link

               represents how many you have saved.

           3)  The Course Schedule page lists course material due dates, start dates, end dates, and all events

                 within the course from the Calendar tool for the next seven days.



3. Underneath Table of Contents you will see a bunch of different sections with different titles. These are called Modules. Modules are units created by the instructor and will include documents, assignments, instructions, and other content that relate to each other.



          When you click on a module, then all of the content associated with it will show on the right-hand panel of your screen



              Each content within the module is called a sub-module.


             When you click on a sub-module, it expands into a section of the main module that has content grouped together.



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