Verification of Employment Request

For Active Employees:

Visit The Work Number for Everyone®, which provides all information included on Employment Verifications plus pay rate and total income for the current and past two years. The employee gives the verifier his/her social security number, the employer name or code (13914), plus a Salary Key (see paragraph below). A Salary Key is a six-digit code that an employee creates and gives a verifier to authorize that verifier with one-time access to his income information on The Work Number for Everyone®.

To obtain a Salary Key: Employee logs on to The Work Number for Employees website, follow the instructions, or call 1 (800) 367-2884 and follow the prompts. You will need your Pace U ID number (located on your Pay Advice on the Pace Portal) and Employer code is 13914. First time account set-up is required before Salary Key can be created. For initial set-up, PIN = Date of Birth (MMDDYYYY). If an employee is locked-out and PIN reset does not work he/she can contact The Work Number at 1 (800) 996-7566, enter the Pace code: 13914 and press 0 as PIN.


To obtain a written verification letter, please visit the self-service portal here and login with your Pace Portal credentials: Employment Verification Letter System.

For all other inquiries related to Employment Verification Requests, click on the "Submit Ticket" button to the right. 

For Separated Employees:

If it has been 6 years or less since your last employment with Pace, visit the The Work Number for Everyone┬« and follow the instructions above.

If an individual has been separated from the University for more than six years, the information cannot be provided by The Work Number. Your request will need to be placed with the HRIS department as outlined below. The University only provides information for employees as far back as 10 years.

Please submit a request by clicking on the "Submit Ticket" button to the right and attaching the completed Information Release and Waiver Agreement form (PDF) to your request.

These requests will be completed within 5 days upon receipt of the request.

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