Classes: Creating a Link to Perusall in Your Course


Perusall is a social annotation tool that integrated into Classes. Perusall allows students and their instructors to collaboratively markup pdf documents. Instead of reading a document and discussing it, Perusall brings the discussion to the text.


To Create a Link in Your Course that Points to Perusall:

  1. Log into and navigate to the course that you’d like to use Perusall in
  2. Go to the Content area and within one of your content modules, click the Existing Activities button, Select External Learning Tools
  3. Scroll down and select Create New LTI Link
    • Note: In some versions of D2L this is labeled Add Link To > External Learning Tools > Create New LTI Link.
  4. Enter Perusall for the name and for the launch point and click Create and Insert
  5. Click on the chevron button to the right of the name, Perusall and select Edit properties in place in the drop-down next to the newly-created link, and check Open as external resource.
  6. Reload the page
  7. Click on the new Perusall link. Perusall will launch and a course will be created that is connected to your D2L course.

Note: that if you used Perusall previously in Blackboard, you will have to check your email and approve that your are now switching your account to Brightspace.

Additional Resources

For more information review the following tutorial from the section titled, Setting up your course:


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