Classes: Copying a Quiz


This article will teach how to copy a previously created test


  1. Go to the course into which you want to copy the test
  2. On the blue navbar, click on Content
  3. On the Content page, click on Table of Contents on the left-side panel
  4. On the right-side panel, click on the grey Import Course button (Display A), and choose Copy Existing Course from the drop-down menu (Display B).
    Copy existing course
  5. On the Import/Export/Copy Components page, make sure the Copy Components from another Org Unit radio button is selected (Display C), and click the grey Search for offering button (Display D).
    copy components from another org unit
  6. Locate the course from which you’d like to take the test (source course), and click its radio button to select it, then click the blue Add Selected button
  7. Back on the Import/Export/Copy Components page, you will see the name of your selected course has been added. At the bottom of the screen, click on the grey Select Components button (Display E).
  8. Check the box marked Quizzes and then the box marked Select individual items to copy, and click Continue
    choose options
  9. Click Expand All in blue and then check the box(es) of the individual test(s) you would like to copy over, and click Continue
    expand all
  10. Offset the dates if you wish, and then click the blue Finish button to initiate the copying process
  11. Once the test has been imported, make sure to adjust its settings, Grades column, etc


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