Kaltura: Add Kaltura media using the Insert Stuff button


Anywhere in Classes that you can access the Brightspace text editor, you can use the Insert Stuff button to embed a Kaltura video.


Create a File

  1. Navigate to the course that you’d like to add the video to
  2. In the blue Navbar, click on the Content tab
  3. In the desired Module, click the Upload/Create button then select Create a File
    create a file
  4. Give the File a Title
  5. In the HTML editor, click on the Insert Stuff button (the button that looks like VCR controls, with a Play, Pause icon)
    insert stuff
  6. Scroll down and choose Kaltura Media
    kaltura media
  7. Click the Add New button to embed new content or click the Embed button to the right of your previously upload media
  8. Preview the content and then click the blue Insert button
  9. Click the Save and Close button
    save and close


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