Kaltura: How to Create a Webcam Recording with Kaltura Express Capture


Kaltura Express Capture, labelled Webcam Recording in Blackboard and Mediaspace, allows users to record audio only, video only, or video with audio using your Firefox or Chrome Browser.


  1. Select Webcam Recording from the Add New drop down menu.
    Media Kaltura Express
  2. The Record Media page is displayed.
    Kaltura Express
  3. Click the red Record button to begin your recording. A 3 second countdown window is displayed and then your recording will begin.
    Kaltura Express
  4. Click the Stop button to end your recording.
    Kaltura Express
  5. The following window is displayed.
    Kaltura Express
  6. Choose Record Again to retake the recoding or Use This to use the current recording. “Record Again” discards the current recording. You will be reverted to the Record button where you can retake the recording .
  7. Select Use This when you are satisfied with your recording (after as many retakes as needed), to upload to Kaltura. The Upload window is displayed.
    Kaltura Express Upload
  8. Select Download a Copy to download a copy locally before you upload your file.
  9. Click Cancel to cancel the upload.

Optional: Set the Camera or Audio Settings. The default settings are your pc's webcam and audio device. Click the Settings icon to select the source camera (if you have multiple cameras)  or audio device (if you have multiple audio devices) and to turn the camera/audio on/off.

  • Note: This feature only works when using Firefox or Chrome browsers.
    Kaltura Express Recording


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