Classes: Adjusting Availability for Discussions


This article shows you how to adjust availability and locking options for discussions.


  • Creating a Discussion Forum
  • Creating a Discussion Topic
  • Determine when students will be able to see and post to Discussion Forums and Topics.
    1. The options for availability are the same for Forums and Topics and are located on the Restrictions tab in either the Forum or Topic.  Remember that any restriction placed on a Forum will apply to all Topics in that Forum.
    2. Decide when students will be able to see a Forum or individual Topic under Availability.  If you do not enter start and end dates, the Forum or Topic will always be visible. If you want to hide the Forum or Topic, check the box for Hide from Users. If you want the Forum or Topic to be visible for a certain date range:
    3. Click the button for your choice.
    4. If you choose to set a date range, check the boxes for Has Start Date and/or Has End Date and enter the dates and times you want the Forum or Topics to be visible. You can also check a box to allow those dates and times to be displayed in the course calendar.
      Adjusting Availability
      • Note: If you want to choose different dates or options for individual Topics within the same Forum, leave the Forum options open and make your selections in the individual Topics.
    5. Remember to choose one of the Save options at the bottom of the page.
  • Adding Assessment to a Discussion Topic.


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