Classes: Discussion Structure in Classes (Brightspace)


This article shows you the structure forums, topics, and threads within a discussion forum in Classes.


The discussion tool is set up with Forums, Topics, and Threads.

  • Discussion Forum – This is a heading or category that discussion topics will live inside. Students can’t do anything in an empty forum. It must have topics inside of it for discussion to take place.
  • Discussion Topic – The topic is where you state what is to be discussed. Students will then reply by starting a thread. You must designate what forum your topic is to reside in.
  • Discussion Thread – When a student posts their response to a topic, it will start a thread. This allows the instructor and other students to react to what they have said

You can create one Forum for all Topics in the class or use Forums to organize Topics into categories.  For example, a Forum named "Questions about this Class" could contain one Topic where students can post general questions.  Another Forum named "Weekly Discussions" could contain multiple Topics that correspond to a weekly discussion subjectDiscussion

For more information on discussion forums and topics please see the following:


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