How do I submit my immunization documentation?

Submitting Immunization Documentation

All immunization records and associated documentation must be submitted online through the university health care's confidential Patient Portal.

Please review the instructions on how to submit immunization records (PDF) online through University Health Care's confidential Patient Portal. For additional guidance submitting your vaccination record, please see the instructional video “How to submit COVID requirements in the Medicat Patient Portal. For guidance on how to submit your COVID-19 Booster documentation see the instructional video "How to Submit COVID Booster Requirements."

Copy, download, print, and sign all necessary proof of documentation of the student’s immunization record before accessing the patient portal.

Please allow up to 7 business days for immunization document submissions to be reviewed and your account updated. Students will be notified by email when documents have been reviewed.

  • Questions? Contact Medicat Compliance Services by email at with questions regarding your immunization document submission.


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