How do I apply for a medical exemption to the immunization policy?

Medical Exemptions to the Immunization Policy

When applying for a medical exemption, the student must complete the Medical Exemption Form. The form, must include a written certification by a licensed physician or nurse practitioner, or a licensed midwife caring for pregnancy that one or more of the required immunization(s) may be detrimental to your health. The immunization requirement may be waived until it no longer poses a health problem. The statement must specify which immunization poses the health risk, and include the length of time for the exemption. The medical exemption policy and forms are available below.


Students with a health condition that is a valid contraindication to receiving a specific vaccine may apply for a medical exemption. The exemption will either be permanent or temporary (for resolvable conditions such as pregnancy). To apply for a medical exemption, the student must have the Medical Exemption Form completed and signed by a health care provider. The health provider must specify those immunizations which may be detrimental and the length of time they may be detrimental. Completed forms should be uploaded through the University's confidential Patient Portal.

In the event of an outbreak, Pace University may exclude a student with a medical exemption from vaccination from accessing campus.

Students with temporary medical exemptions will be reviewed periodically to see if contraindications still exist.


New York State Public Health Law requires institutions, including colleges and universities, to make information about meningococcal meningitis available. As such, please review the important fact sheets and links below before beginning the immunization documentation process.

Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Fact Sheet (PDF)

Meningococcal Meningitis Fact Sheet (PDF)


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