Does Pace University have payment plans?

Payment Plans at Pace University

Pace University offers payment plans accessible through the Payment Portal. These plans enable students or their authorized user to pay scheduled installments toward tuition, fees, and housing. Students and families may find installment payments more manageable than a single lump payment each semester. These interest-free payment plans are not loans; therefore, there are no credit checks. These plans are available for the fall and spring terms in monthly installments and there is a weekly plan option available for summer terms.

All students are eligible to take advantage of these payment plans. Please note there is a non-refundable enrollment fee each term, and students must re-enroll in a plan each semester. The link to the Payment Plans will detail payment due dates, type of payments accepted, (credit cards, web checks, ACH payments), as well as fees associated with late payments.

Payment Plans are only available online. If you enroll in a plan after the start date, back payments are required. After enrolling into a plan, a late fee of $25 may be assessed if an installment amount is not satisfied by the due date. There is no late fee for late enrollment that requires back payments upon enrollment..


For students who wish to grant access to an “authorized” user, the portal will provide the option for students to send an invitation email to whomever the student “authorizes”. The invitation will include access to the student account information and submit a payment on the student’s behalf.


Payment plans are linked to Pace University’s student information system and reflects real-time activity on a student account. Payment plan installments will automatically recalculate to reflect any changes in comprehensive fees, financial aid, or other miscellaneous fees and/or payments.

The plan is set up to pay the remainder balance due on the account after charges and financial aid, or any other payments are applied to the account. When you have new charges, your plan installment amounts will go up; when you have payments or other credits, your installment amounts will go down.

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Student billing is on a semester-basis. Billing statements as of print date are emailed to students' Pace-issued email accounts. Up-to-date account and billing details are available in the Payment Portal. Please note: Students are responsible for all charges, whether or not a University bill is received. Updated semester charges and payments/financial aid/credits are available through the My Account/Account Activity menu option in the Payment Portal.