Classes: How to Submit a Video Assignment Submission

1. To upload a video and submit it in an assignment, it is recommended to upload to media to Kaltura and add it to your assignment. This can be done by opening Kaltura via the main page on CLASSES. 

2. Once Kaltura has been opened, navigate to the right hand side and click on the add new button. Select the format of media you will be adding from the drop down (Ie. 

3. After you've loaded your media to Kaltura, you can go into the course that you are submitting an assignment for. Navigate to assignments by clicking on the activities dropdown. 

4. Select the assignment you are submitting. The submission page should have a text box towards the bottom. On the text box, there will be an insert stuff button. Click this to open what you can insert. 

5. This will open what you can insert. Scroll down to select Kaltura Media

6. Select the file you are choosing to submit and click embed. 

7. Once you've embedded, you can insert the media into the text box for submission. 

8. Now you can submit your assignment by clicking Submit under the text box. 


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